Orng kitchen's philosophy "Love,Passion and Dedication", is a true reflection of Chef Orng passion for this love of food and cooking at the restaurant reflects Orng's training under some of the world's best chefs in Edinburgh, Scotland for many years.

We wanted to create an atmosphere where people can roll up their sleeves and truly relax. We offer the finest seafood and shellfish from the West Coast of Myanmar Rakhin State abd beyond.Our emphasis is on the suppliers who provide us with the freshest and most sustainable produce, which we celebrate with knowledgeable yet satisfying cooking.

ORNG Kitchen is located on the west side of city Mayangone, Yangon. The restaurant is designed in white and grey colour. Guests are welcome to views chef and his brigade through open kitchen from dining table. The service at ORNG Kitchen is welcoming and non-intrusive thanks to the very professional team lead by Jason Marz aiming to provide each and every diner with that ultimate dining experience.